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Good evaluation of the European Commission to the “Security in Diversity” project

21 May

Good news from the Public Safety Community Programme (in Madrid, Spain).

The European Commission did a very positive evaluation to the European project of applied research (“Security in Diversity”) and congratulated the project coordinators for the excellent work.  The evaluation underlines the usefulness of the methods designed for public safety and justice officers and social practitioners working at ground level, and for operational coordination among them.  The project coordinators extend this congratulation to all people and institutions who collaborated to reach this collective success.

The conclusions of the EC evaluators state that ” The project offered a good opportunity to explore more and develop crime prevention and security in highly diverse social and cultural contexts.  An appreciable research was undertaken with study visits and expert meetings at the European and International level to exchange best practices and information. Nearly 400 experts were consulted or involved in the project which shows a good level of organization and implementation.  Two interesting books were prepared and published on the concepts, methodology and cooperation and, coordination mechanisms for experts coming from judiciary, law enforcement, and social sector.  Moreover, the Practitioner’s Handbook is a valuable tool to be used on the grounds.  It specifies roles and possible actions to be undertaken in relation to primary, secondary and tertiary prevention, including prevention of recidivism and re-vic timization. Design of models on public safety was meant in the context of social cohesion and integration.  Diversity was seen as a resource, positive value in the context of empowerment of disadvantaged groups for neighborhood development. It is appreciated that the initiatives assessed during the project were done from the perspective of their effectiveness and efficiency to achieve the objective of crime prevention.  Another positive point related to the combination of research and operational activities.”

The evaluators recommend the organizers to send the materials to the European Platform on Crime Prevention Initiatives – EUCPN.

The PSCP continues working on these methodologies at local and national levels.   InNODS is committed with the PSCP to promote them at international level, fostering a programme on good practices and innovations in governance for public safety and justice in a diverse society.  To do so, we are inviting entities from countries such as England, Holland, USA, Brazil, Spain, Portugal, and Germany, working in pioneer projects of international reference.  In the InNODS sites you have information available on this International Programme (